The Little Festival that'll be a big hit

Written by Karl Chads | Created on 2016-11-23

The Troxy is one of the East End's most iconic entertainment venues, having hosted hundreds of glitzy award ceremonies, concerts, and film premieres since it was built in the 1930s.

This Grade II listed building showcases the splendour of Art Deco design, and this weekend the decadent spirit of the era will be brought right up to date with The Little Festival.

From 6.00pm to 2.00am on Saturday 26th November, an eclectic mix of house music and techno will merge with confetti and fancy dress to create a memorable club night on the edge of London's Docklands. Stalwarts of the house and techno scene will rub shoulders with up-and-coming DJs, as two rooms host contrasting moods of music.

The Light room will feature the upbeat sounds of DJs including Nik & Rodrigues, Dan Gayle and Osmi each of whom will bring their ethereal, mellow tunes to a crowd that just wants to have fun.

The Dark room features intense, moody playlists from Jack Swift, Detwiler, and Sol Edge putting their own spins on what promises to be a great night of house and techno in one of London's most authentic music venues.

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