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Written by Karl Chads | Created on 2016-11-04

Amidst some of the most scenic views in London sits one of the capital’s finest restaurants, boasting an eclectic yet authentic blend of cuisine that never compromises quality in its quest for variety.

First Edition in Canary Wharf is a restaurant which provides fine dining to one of the most discerning and demanding audiences in the city, with an unrivalled attention to detail from the cuisine through to the service.

Clean lines and cool décor are the calling cards of the interior of this establishment, whilst the service is as attentive and polished as any Mayfair dining room. The menu follows a best-in-class philosophy which enables it to offer starters and mains from different styles of cuisine without veering into jack-of-all-trades territory.

The soups on offer are classically French, with soup de poisson and aioli vying for your attention against rivals such as bisque of langoustine and its crab counterpart. Starters include triple-spiced Cajun squid, and sashimi of fresh salmon, whilst the breaded goats’ cheese delivers texture and taste in equal measures.

Meaty mains (literally and figuratively) are the order of the day at First Edition, with carnivores and pescetarians adequately catered for. The wonderfully inventive swordfish tandoori, and the flavoursome fish and chips, contrast filling French favourites such as the bavette d’Aloyau.

Other mains, such as the tofu cakes, and the chicken breast, show just how much can be done with simple recipes cooked well.

The wine list takes in a majestic range of Old World reds and whites, and there is a superb selection of draught and bottled beers, complemented by expertly-made fresh coffee.

The old saying “never judge a book by its cover” may well be true, but this is one First Edition with an inner brilliance that matches its charming exterior.

First Edition, 25 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QA

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